Jex was born January 2nd, 1987 in Paterson, New Jersey. Growing up in Paterson, Jex was introduced to making music when his oldest brother released his mixtape, and the attention his brother was receiving from his music, inspired Jex to start writing.

In 2001, Jex mother decided to leave Paterson, New Jersey to move him to West Palm Beach, Florida. Where Jex met with some local artists and started a group Young Status. Jex and Young Status were making a name for themselves; releasing their mixtape and booking shows, and in late 2006 things changed one night, when Jex and two friends were victims of a drive-by shooting. Unfortunately things were not the same and Young Status split to do different things.

In 2008, Jex move to Orlando, Florida were he continued with his music alone, and focused on having his voice heard.

In 2013, Jex was introduced to Kevin Layoff the founder of Layoff Design. Jex soon after became a member of LD Music and his first solo mixtape "Why So Serious?" was released in late 2014.